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Join more than a million merchants who have found new customers, brand awareness, and profitable marketing with no upfront cost.

Profit-Driven Marketing

With more than 900 million units sold1, we know how to set your business up for success. In fact, more than 80% of our campaigns are immediately profitable.2

Quality Customers

Groupon customers are collectors of new experiences, but loyal to the places they love. They spend more at great businesses and recommend favorite spots to friends.3

New Ways to Grow

Boost your online presence and connect with customers on your Groupon Page, drive revenue through full-priced offerings, and manage demand via online booking.
1 Groupon Internal Data, Q3 2015. Units reflect vouchers and products sold before cancellations and refunds 2 Per company data and estimates based on a representative sample of 9,035 U.S. merchants, including overspend (October 2013–September 2014) 3 Based on Internal Redemption Data from trailing 12 months as of the end of Q2 (in instances where a merchant has recorded a total bill) and Groupon Customer Satisfaction Study, September 2015 (by Foresee, commissioned by Groupon)

See How Groupon Can Work for You

Groupon Means Business

We have everything you need to run a successful campaign.

Serve Your Customers

It’s easy to redeem Groupons on our merchant tablet and mobile apps. Simply scan the barcode or enter the customer’s name—that’s all it takes!

Track Your Success

Optimize promotions, learn about customers, and monitor feedback with intuitive campaign-management tools in your Merchant Center.

Get Ideas and Insights

8炫彩彩票登录Visit the Groupon Merchant Blog and Small Business Resource Center for the latest tips, tricks, and research to grow your business.

Local Businesses Love Groupon

“Because of [Groupon’s] technology and reach, we are able to maximize our revenue and…attract a new clientele to discover our beautiful dining experience.”

8炫彩彩票登录– Carlo Mantica, Le Cirque Restaurant Group

Local Businesses Love Groupon

“[Groupon] increased sales, it increased revenue—but most importantly—it increased our new customer base.”

– Tony D’Alessandro, BIG & little’s

Local Businesses Love Groupon

“I could spend thousands of dollars every week in every magazine publication in the neighborhood, and I wouldn’t get the kind of response [I got from Groupon].”

8炫彩彩票登录– Bill Wilson, Bricks Wood Fired Pizza

Local Businesses Love Groupon

“The resources Groupon…put forward [to promote] our deals was so high compared to what we could do. Our awareness grew so significantly that…people started to recognize our spa very quickly.”

– Benjamin Nissanoff, ME SPA

Local Businesses Love Groupon

“Groupon exposes you to thousands and thousands of clients who’ve never seen your name. It’s very expensive to buy that kind of advertising [without Groupon].”

8炫彩彩票登录– Charles Ifergan, Charles Ifergan Salons

Local Businesses Love Groupon

“[Groupon] has enabled Skin Spa to more rapidly drive new customers into our spas, build brand awareness, launch new services, and expand our geographical presence.”

8炫彩彩票登录– Thomas Elzner, Skin Spa New York

Local Businesses Love Groupon

“Groupon…highlights awesome deals and encourages its users to step outside the box, which has greatly increased our visibility.”

8炫彩彩票登录– Nicole Smith, Aquarium of the Bay

Local Businesses Love Groupon

“Groupon [customers are] the reason we became successful. Our tours stay full and we are sold out almost every weekend.”

8炫彩彩票登录– Brian Galton, Sunrise Paddleboards

Local Businesses Love Groupon

“Since launching our first deal…Groupon has helped the Queen Mary attract thousands of guests [to] our concerts, festivals, restaurants, and for overnight stays.”

– Thomas LaRocca, The Queen Mary Historic Ship

Local Businesses Love Groupon

“Once my first [Groupon campaign] ran, it changed my life completely. I was able to book up all the way through winter and keep my business running while my competition was dead in the water.”

8炫彩彩票登录– Chris Hall, C Hall Mobile Detailing

Take the Next Step to Grow Your Business

Ready to grow with Groupon? Talk to a Groupon specialist, 8 a.m.–5:00 p.m. (CT) Mon–Fri. Call (888) 582-4354.

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